Christopher D. Hsu

I am a PhD student in the Electrical and Systems Engineering department and the GRASP Robotics Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania, where I work on multi-robot systems. My PhD advisor is Pratik Chaudhari, Assistant Professor at Penn in ESE with a secondary appointment in CIS.

Currently, I am also a Civilian Research Engineer at DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory where our mission is to operationalize science for tranformational overmatch.

As a DoD SMART Scholar, I received a MSE in Robotics from the University of Pennsylvania, where I was advised by George J. Pappas and Pratik Chaudhari. I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University, where I worked with C. Nataraj in the Villanova Center for Analytics of Dynamic Systems (VCADS).

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chsu8 at seas dot upenn dot edu

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I am interested in multi-robot systems, reinforcement learning, planning, controls, and bio-inspired systems.

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A Model for Perimeter Defense Problems with Heterogeneous Teams

Christopher D. Hsu, Mulugeta A. Haile, and Pratik Chaudhari
, 2022
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We develop a model of the multi-agent perimeter-defense game to calculate how an adaptive defense should be organized against an attacker distribution that may be unknown and/or evolving. Furthermore, we show that the defender team can achieve near-optimal harm using a decentralized approach.

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Scalable Reinforcement Learning Policies for Multi-Agent Control

Christopher D. Hsu, Heejin Jeong, George J. Pappas, and Pratik Chaudhari
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2021
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Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (MARL) method to learn scalable control polices for multi-agent target tracking.

Design and source code from Leonid Keselman's website